Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Double Review Post

As you all have heard (and maybe quite frequently) I am completely behind in book reviews. It doesn't bother me too much but I do want to attempt to catch up at some point before the year is over. It probably won't happen but at least I can try which is why you are getting two for one today :)
The first book that I am going to review is Deadly Night by Heather Graham and is the 1st book in her Flynn brothers trilogy. Graham was a new to me author that I found scanning the web and I picked this book out of the many she has written using Fantastic Fiction (I love that website!). Deadly Night introduces us to the three Flynn brothers with Aiden being the main focus of the story. Basically, the brothers learn that they have inherited a plantation in New Orleans from an unknown family member. While trying to figure out what to do with the historical house, Aiden finds out that there are mysterious things going on with the house and meets Kendall who is a fortune-teller. The two get involved in the mystery surrounding the house and the story goes from there. My thoughts on this one are going to be short and sweet as it has been awhile since I read it. I liked it (but didn't love it) and was interested enough to want to continue on with the trilogy and read more of this author's books. I liked the supernatural aspects that were included throughout the story and felt that it made it less like a typical romantic suspense novel. It didn't always flow well for me but it was a suspenseful page turner and I ended up enjoying it.

The 2nd book that I am reviewing is Deadly Harvest by Heather Graham and is the second book in the Flynn brothers trilogy. In Deadly Harvest, Jeremy (another Flynn brother) is trying to help his good friend find his missing wife with the help of a possible pyschic named Rowenna. This was the perfect read for me right now as it was set in the fall and talked about the cooler weather and the leaves changing. Plus, it had the scary legend of the Harvest Man who was thought to be a killer coming back to life again and again. I also liked that it was set in Salem so there were references to the witch trials and other historical aspects of that area. The story for me had a really great set-up and an interesting mystery to go along with it. Unfortunately at times it seemed like it needed a good editor and didn't always flow as well as I would have liked. That isn't to say that I didn't enjoy because I really did. Once again though, I just didn't love it although I wanted to :)

All in all, these were both good reads that were page turners for me. I'm looking forward to picking up the 3rd book, Deadly Gift, from the library at some point. And I will be reading more of this author's books in the future.


  1. I've enjoyed Heather Graham in the past. Some of her books more so than others, Great reviews

  2. I am not familiar with the work of this author. It sounds as if you enjoyed both of these books. Thanks for your reviews.

  3. (P.S. I have an award for you--please stop by my blog!)

  4. Fantastic Fiction is one of my favorite websites too! Both of these sound very interesting, glad you enjoyed them!

  5. Diane- I can see what you mean about this author...she may be one that I don't always enjoy every book but I'm still going to give her backlist a go.

    Suko- She was a new to me author as well before I read these books. I liked her but didn't love her books :) Kinda in the middle I guess...And thank you so much for the award. I will post about it eventually :)

    Ladytink- Isn't fantastic fiction great? Especially for series books so you don't read them out of order. I constantly check it!


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