Monday, August 17, 2009

Book and Blog Randomness

This post is probably going to go in all directions so I thought I should give you a word of warning :) First of all, I realized I hadn't shared any summer pics with all of you so here are two of my favorites.

I've been a bit behind the times and finally yesterday started up my own google reader. It is a slow process for me as now I've got to subscribe to all of my favorite blogs and I'm not always clear on if I'm doing it right. We'll see I guess...I do have a question though: how do I comment on the posts that I read? Or can I not do that and does that mean I have to go back to whomever's blog just to leave a comment? And I really want to figure out how to comment as that is the whole point when I read a post that I enjoy. Any tips or info you can give me on google reader will be appreciated!

Oh yeah, I'm also becoming a follower to all of your blogs through friend connect (which may or may not be the same thing). Haven't quite figured that one out yet either but I'll get there when I have a bit more time on my hands. I'm still not joining Twitter as I just don't have that much time in between my children and work. Which brings me to my next point:

I'm pregnant again ;) Crazy, I know. And I'm not exactly sure how to prepare for having three children. It may be chaos. I've been holding off on sharing the news for awhile but as I am into my 4th month (17 weeks to be exact), I thought I would share and let you all know the good news. I'm going to be one busy lady!!!

In more book news, I'm currently reading The Girl Who Stopped Swimming by Joshilyn Jackson. I'm going to admit to not having strong feelings towards it either way yet but I think that is due to the fact that I LOVED The Goose Girl so much that no book is going to be able to compare right now. I am interested in the story but it just hasn't pulled me in yet.

So that's it out me for today. I'll be working on visiting your blogs and hopefully subscribing to them in the process ;)


  1. Congratulations!!! You will be a busy woman but what joy!

  2. Do you use Firefox? If so, you can install this script which will allow you to comment directly. If not, I'm afraid you to have to click over to visit each blog.

    Congratulations on the baby! Very exciting :D

  3. Well, I only knew how to click and open a new tab, so I am off to investigate Nymeth's neat idea.

    Welcome to the world of 3 kids! A friend once said that once they outnumber you, it's all over. He had 3 kids too, so it was meant in fun. I like the chaos. I was like you, with a boy and a girl, so was certain to get a pair.

  4. Congrats Sam! You are going to be busy. Your children are just beautiful-love the pics!

    As for google reader I always click over to the blog because I like to see if they've changed anything up and stuff like that.

  5. What gorgeous little ones!!

    I love my feed reader, though I must admit, it drains a lot of time. :-)

  6. And congratulations on your pregnancy! Even with the exhaustion and nausea, my pregnancies were among the most amazing times in my life.

  7. Congratulations on your pregnancy, Samantha! A friend of mine has three young ones in the home and it is definitely a handful sometimes, but she somehow manages. Her husband works out of town during the week and so she's been doing the single mom act for about six months now while he's away. You can bet gets lots of quality time with the children on the weekends. :-)

    I'll have to check out the link Nymeth included in her comment. I've always just gone directly to the blogs if I want to leave a comment (after reading the blog in Reader and deciding I want to, that is).

  8. Oh Samantha! Congratulations on the new baby. I was part of a trio growing up (until my brother was born--he's 15 years younger than I am), so I know my mom sometimes went crazy with three kids under the age of four but we had so much fun (still do).

    I read the post in Google Reader and then pop over to the post to comment--just click on the title to take you directly to the post. It makes blogging much easier but then you also know exactly how much people post (which is a lot!!). :) I don't have firefox, but Nymeth's approach sounds great.

  9. That is so fantastic!! Your children are beautiful!!! You will be very busy but it is so worth it. I have the book you're reading right now, haven't read it yet but I hope you get to liking it better :)

  10. Congrats on the baby!

    As far as using reader, all I can tell you is I switched from another service, and I far prefer google reader. I didn't know about Nymeth's tip, so I'm going to check that out myself.

  11. Congratulations! What darling photos!

  12. Can I just say a collective thank you to everyone who has taken the time to comment?? It is much appreciated!!!


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