Monday, July 20, 2009

That Went Well (Adventures in Caring for My Sister) by Terrell Harris Dougan

That Went Well: Adventures In Caring for My Sister is a memoir about Terrell Dougan's life and how she dealt with having a sister with mental disabilities. Terrell's parents made the choice not to institutionalize her sister Irene which meant life was always interesting to say the least. They ended up becoming advocates for people with mental disabilities and working towards other types of living arrangements for them.

What I liked about this book were all of the stories about Irene and what made her tick. She was a joy to read about and it came across so clearly how much Terrell cares for her sister. Irene was fun to read about and had lots of interesting quirks that make her unique. Terrell was a strong sister and really worked hard for the rights of individuals with mental handicaps. She was the first to admit when something wasn't going well in regards to Irene's care and needs. There were some flaws in the flow of the writing at times but it was interesting to see Irene and Terrell's progression over the years. I'll admit to wanting to have read more about Irene at times but it was an interesting read overall.

My Rating: 3.5 out of 5 and recommended to those who enjoy memoirs
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  1. It sounds like an amazing book, Sam. Having two sisters who I am really close with and knowing the struggles and the joys I think I might like this book a little bit. Of course everyone's experience is so different, but taht different perspective if nice sometimes.

  2. Trish- It was a good book but it just wasn't my favorite...I still enjoyed it though. And Irene was a hoot :)


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