Monday, July 6, 2009

A Couple of New Challenges :)

So I was cleaning out my sidebar and realized that some challenges had come to an end that I hadn't finished. I'm too lazy to do a challenge update yet but I have been able to finish a few including the Once Upon a Time III challenge (except I only reviewed 2 of my reads for it so far), the Historical Reading challenge, the Winter Reading Challenge to name a few. I failed spectacularly on some other ones including the Spring Reading Thing where I read maybe 2 off of my list. But I decided to join two more challenges just because :)
The first challenge I joined is the perpetual Printz project. I'm beginning to read more YA and this seems like the perfect way to get some quality reads out of this challenge. In fact, I've already read one book off of the list, Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson, but it didn't win the award for that year. It is still on the honorable mention list or whatever so when I get around to reviewing it (and I will) I'll be able to use this for my 1st read for this ongoing challenge.
The second challenge I joined was the Book Awards III challenge that goes on until December of this year. I've failed on this challenge both times that I signed up for it but I still can't resist trying again. It requires me to read five different award winners which should be interesting.
I also need to focus on a couple of challenges that I have been neglecting including the Orbis Terrarum challenge and the 1% Well Read challenge. The World Citizen challenge and the TBR 2009 challenge need some love as well. I am reading The Glass Castle which is on my TBR list but I still need to work on this one if I plan on finishing it.
Huh, guess this did turn into a bit of a challenge update after all... :)
P.S.- Just wanted to share a 4th of July pic with you


  1. First off, that photo is adorable!! She's a cutie!! I missed a few deadlines too on some challenges...oh well :) I cleaned up my sidebar too and started a blog just for my challenges. Hopefully it will help me keep up-to-date on them!! Good luck on the remaining challenges you're working on.

  2. "just because" is a great reason to post a picture of that little cutie.

    I'm doing horribly with challenges this year as well--even though the past two years I've finished every challenge I joined. Even though there is no possible way for me to finish what I've already signed up for, I just joined 3 more and will join the Japanese Lit at the end of the month. What can I long as we're having fun, right?

    Hope you're enjoying The Glass Castle. I loved that one.

  3. I'm not doing too well on challenges either. Have missed a few, but did sign up for a couple of new ones - Summer reading challenge and Sookie Stackhouse challenge.

    For some reason my reading has taken a nose dive...but I hope to rectify that situation soon.

    Last but not least...very very cute pic!!

  4. Staci- Why thank you! I'm bad about keeping up with my challenges but still love signing up for them :)

    Trish- There is probably no way to finish all of the challenges that I signed up for but I don't care. It is fun to try!

    Kara- I have your book sitting here waiting for me to remember to email you. I need your address...I will email you ASAP!!! Hope you knock off your reading slump soon :)

  5. cute photo!
    I'm not doing too well on challenges myself, but its always fun trying to complete them.

  6. I'm so mad at myself for not finishing Book Awards II. I wonder if I could get a second chance...;) The picture is adorable. It makes me miss my son at that age.

  7. Naida- It is always fun to try...even if you don't finish :)

    Dolce Bellezza- I'm going to give the Book Awards III a try so MAYBE I'll actually finish this one. LOL!


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