Saturday, May 9, 2009

Wild Highland Magic by Kendra Leigh Castle

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In the lastest installment of this Highland werewolf series, Baustian an Morgaine is dealing with a life-sucking daemon. Although he has a large family of sisters, he feels alone at all times and is staying with the MacInnes werewolf clan. He is completely focused on trying to defeat the daemon until he comes across Catrionna MacInnes and then that focus changes...


What I liked about this book was revisiting the MacInnes and Morgaine clans while getting to new new characters. Both Catrionna and Baustian are strong lead characters and I really enjoyed their story. I was intrigued about Baustian from the previous book and liked him even more in Wild Highland Magic. The daemon was interesting and different from the previous storylines which I found refreshing. In fact, I didn't see this storyline coming at all which made it all the better for me. I also liked getting to know Catrionna's two sisters and am hoping to read more about them in future stories (hint, hint :)


Hmm...that seems like a harsh word here is there wasn't anything that I disliked about this book. I will admit to not feeling as deep a connection to this book as the 2nd book in this series but I still really liked it. So I can't really share any dislikes :)

Additional Thoughts?

This is a really good series if you enjoy a good romance with paranormal thrown in. I really, really like this series and hope that there will be more books in the future. All in all, a good read and a good addition to this series. And guess what guys, I feel a giveaway in the future :)

My Rating/Recommendations: 4 out of 5 and recommended to romance lovers and paranormal readers as well
Challenges: 100+ Book Challenge, Romance Readers Challenge



  1. I've got to get going and read this book - I loved the first two and know that I am going to like this one.

    Great review!!

  2. Hey Sam, I just wanted to pop in and wish you a Happy Mother's Day! Have a great day!

  3. I haven't read this series, but I will be looking into it now.

    Happy Mother's Day!

  4. Kara- I know that you are going to enjoy this one. Keep an eye out for her guest post and maybe you can win a free copy of the book :)

    Dar- Thank you so very much!

    Brie- You should definitely give it a try. The 2nd book is my favorite so far.

  5. this does sound like a good series.
    hope you had a happy mothers day ;O)

  6. Naida- You would probably enjoy it! The first book is Call of the Highland Moon. Thanks for the Mother's Day wishes :)

  7. I've heard of this series but it's not quite as popular as say, Patricia Briggs. Not positive if I'll ever pick these up but they do sound interesting!


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