Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Sunday Salon- Imitation In Death by J.D. Robb

Good morning everyone! I hope everyone is warm and cozy wherever they are. We just got a few more inches of snow here and it feels like winter may never end. That being said, yesterday was a perfect day to curl up with a book and that is just what I did. I gulped down New Moon by Stephanie Meyer and found that it was the perfect way to spend the day (aside from cleaning which couldn't be ignored). I also finished The Kingmaking by Helen Hollick this week and absolutely LOVED it! I'm excited to have found this new author and am looking forward to reading the other two books in this trilogy. I've picked up Wicked By Any Other Name by Linda Wisdom as my next read and am excited to begin it. Oh yeah, America and the Age of Genocide came back in from the library so I'm back to reading that as well. Yay! Well, that's my reading news for the week so on to the review:

Imitation In Death is a continuation of the In Death series featuring Eve Dallas and her husband Roarke. In this novel, Eve is dealing with a killer who imitates famous serial killers like Jack the Ripper. The killer leaves a note on the body of his first victim addressed to Dallas, and just like that Eve is caught up in a new case.

I really enjoyed this book and find that for me this series just gets stronger and better. I love the characters and their relationships with one another which is what makes this series for me. They grow from book to book and it is fun to see it. Eve is prickly and difficult but I just love her as the main character. And the ending of this book was great! I'm so excited to see how this changes or affects Peabody and Eve's relationship or if it doesn't change it at all. Of course, I love this series but if you haven't read it yet then give it a try!

My Rating/Recommendations: 4 out of 5; Recommended to those who enjoy mysteries, romance, and lots of character growth
Challenges: 100+ Book Challenge, Support Your Library Challenge, A-Z Challenge ("R" Author)


  1. Yikes--where are you that it is still snowing (I guess that could be a number of places with the awful winter storms we've had). Sounds like you got a lot of really great reading done--will you be moving on to Eclipse soon? I still haven't gotten my hands on New Moon from my friend. Maybe next month.

  2. Trish- I live in Illinois and we are still getting snow. I'm a bit over it but what can you do. I won't be reading Eclipse for awhile (My Mom is borrowing it from a friend and I will read it after she does). Hope you enjoy New Moon when you get to it :)

  3. It sounds like you've had a good reading week. I have a good friend in Illinois who got light snow yesterday. I hope it warms up for you soon, but cold weather is such great reading weather, isn't it?

  4. We're supposed to get a storm coming in tonight. I hope they're wrong and it passes on by us.

    I hope to finish The Kingmaking today-about 200 pages to go. It's so good. I'm definitely looking forward to a continuation of this story.

  5. I'm glad you loved The Kingmaking, since I have an ARC I need to read and review! But, it's kind of lost at the moment, lol. I'm hoping it'll appear in the next couple of days!

  6. The dark clouds overhead are threatening to drop buckets of water on me where I live--not that I mind. The more rain, the better. Although I'm sure those next door in L.A. are hoping it will hold off a while longer. :-)

    It sounds like you had a great reading day yesterday. I haven't felt much like reading lately--I've just been too sick to do much more than sleep, I'm afraid.

    I hope you have a greatw eek!

  7. we got some snow here today too, but it was very pretty and I did curl up with a good book.
    How did u like New Moon?
    You finished The Kingmaking?! I'm nearly done, it is very good.

    Imitation In Death sounds good, great review ;)

  8. Ugh, I'm going to reviewing the Twilight series and I'm not looking forward to it (they've already blended together into one big thing in my head). Glad you enjoyed your books!

  9. I love the In Death series and ordering Promises in Death on tuesday's release day. I can't decide whether I want to order it from her husband's book store and have it autographed which will take longer or just get it from amazon and have it in a couple days. Have a great day.

  10. Kristy- Cold weather is GREAT reading weather. Unfortunately it is also good computer weather and sometimes I spend too much time here and not enough reading :)

    Dar- I'm glad to hear that you are enjoying The Kingmaking. I'm excited to read the next part of that book.

    Eva- LOL! I hope you find it but you shouldn't have any trouble finishing it as it goes really fast!

    Literary Feline- I really hope that you feel better soon. It is rough when you are sick and don't even feel like reading. Take care of yourself!

    Naida- I LOVED New Moon! I liked it better than Twilight and am looking forward to reading Eclipse now. And yeah, I flew through The Kingmaking.

    Ladytink- You should just review all of them together then. I don't think anyone would mind as there isn't that many readers out there who haven't read the series :P

    Robin- You are a lot further into the series compared to me but I hope you enjoy the newest one. I'm always glad to hear that more books have come out as they are something I can look forward to reading :)

  11. I have GOT to start reading this series - I have the first two books in my TBR pile - think I'll dig them out and start - from all the reviews I read - it sounds like a great series!!

  12. Kara- I really think that you would enjoy this series. We seem to have similar reading tastes :)


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