Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fatal February by Barbara Levenson

Fatal February begins with Mary Magruder getting rear-ended at the car wash. What follows is the beginning to a whole new change in Mary's life as she breaks off her engagement, starts her own practice as a lawyer, and begins a new love affair with Carlos the man who tail-ended her car. Mary is also dealing with a high profile case as she defends Lillian Yarmouth who is accused of killing her husband. Mary has bitten off more than she can chew as she is dealing with proving her client's innocence and dealing with being sued by her ex. Fatal February ends up being a light and easy legal thriller/mystery.

Let's start off with what I liked about this novel first. My favorite thing about the entire novel were the descriptions the author included of Florida. It is obvious that she has lived in and loved Florida and the way she describes the scenery in the book made me feel like I was there. The main character was fun to read about and kept me entertained throughout the novel. She wasn't afraid to make decisions and stick with them and was headstrong about the way she felt about different things. Plus, Mary just had a knock 'em dead attitude and you couldn't help but root for her. The mystery was interesting although not very complex and the ending had enough of a twist to keep me surprised.

Although I enjoyed Mary's character, I wasn't much of a fan of Carlos. In my opinion, Carlos and Mary's relationship was a bit one dimensional. I felt that the author could have developed their relationship more as it just didn't come across as very realistic. Carlos also didn't come across in a very favorable light to me and I found myself not caring for him very much. That being said I did like the book found it to be a light, fun read.

My rating: 3.5 out of 5
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  1. Good review!!! It was good for a first time author and I was glad to hear there is more to follow.

  2. Great review - sounds like a good read even though you didn't connect with Carlos. Will add it to my list.

  3. Interesting review. I'm anxious to read more .....

  4. Misterreereeder- Thanks! I'm glad that you enjoyed this and will be looking forward to more.

    Kara- I didn't connect with Carlos at all...the relationship moved really fast which irked me. I liked the mystery part though :P

    Anonymous- I hope you enjoy this book if you get a chance to read it!

  5. Thanks to Sam's Book Blog for hosting me on my virtual book tour and thanks to the readers who have added their comments. I love to hear what readers are thinking. For those who want to delve deeper into Mary's character ( or other in FF) you will learn a lot more in the second book in the series, Justice In June, publsihing date June, 2010 (Oceanview Publishing)

  6. Barbara- Thanks for stopping by! I will definitely be interested to see more of Mary in the future and how her relationship with Carlos evolves.

  7. Lol. Well it sounds like it could be funny. Ugh, I hate those kinds of relationships in a novel :(

  8. Ladytink- Me too! I really had a hard time with it but oh well it could have just been my mood ;)


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