Monday, July 9, 2012

The Key Trilogy by Nora Roberts (thoughts on a reread)

Way, way back in my college days I discovered Nora Roberts. I'm about 80% certain that was about the time that I also discovered and fell in love with her J.D. Robb series. Anyways, I can remember gobbling this trilogy down...impatiently waiting for each book to be released. Homework got shoved to the side on those days especially when I was deep into a book. Rereading this trilogy was a fun way to spend the week as I had a foggy memory in regards to the overall plot and once again found myself sucked into these books. These books were exactly what I needed when I was going through a slump in my reading and I'm now eager to go back and pick up some of her standalone novels.

Key of Light begins the trilogy and tells the story of Mallory and Flynn. This book sets everything up for the rest of the trilogy without giving too much away. I've always enjoyed the romance that develops between Mallory and Flynn even though Mallory can be a bit much at times. Overall, I found that it was just as good of a read as I remembered and I couldn't wait to pick up the 2nd book!

After finishing Key of Light, I couldn't resist making a trip to the used bookstore to grab the final two books in the trilogy. I was already good and hooked; ready to revisit the characters once again. Key of Knowledge is all about Dana and Jordan's relationship as they work together to find the second key. What I really like about this book is both the history and the tension between the two of them. It added to the story for me and really made me root for them to work everything out! That being said, this is my least favorite of the three books, but I'm hard pressed to tell you why. I still really enjoyed it and as soon as I set it down, I knew that I was going to be cracking the 3rd book open!

Key of Valor is the last book in the trilogy and ties the overall storyline up nicely in my opinion. The first time that I read these books I loved the final ending, and rereading it all made me feel the same way. Brad and Zoe's relationship is fun to read about especially as they are so prickly with each other from the very beginning. In the end, I was a bit sad to put these books down....I just wanted to keep reading. They went straight to my keeper shelf so I can reread them again at some point maybe a few years down the road.

Reading these books showed me once again how much I love taking the time to reread a favorite series. I'm definitely going to be revisiting Nora Robert's backlist in the future. It has been such a long time since I read any of her actual novels that I could probably reread them and not tell the difference. I'm thinking that my next rereads should be the Harry Potter series. I'm WAY overdue for some Harry Potter love! What's the last book you reread and why???


  1. Cute new blog look!
    Well, I read the first in this series a while ago and enjoyed it. I like Nora Roberts. The last time I re-read a favorite book was Misery by Stephen King. I heart Harry Potter.

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed rereading this trilogy! I haven't read any of these Nora Roberts books.

    Adorable new blog header!

  3. I love your header! I have the Jewel of the sea, etc, trilogy here now, but have gotten completely hooked on the Lucky harbor series by Jill Shalvis.

  4. I really want to read this trilogy; thanks for posting and reminding me about it :]! I just found your blog and will definitely be following it from now on! I posted my summer reading list and a good reads list on my new blog a few days ago if you want to take a look:

    Thanks again!

  5. I'm in love with the fresh look of your blog and that header photo!!! Nora Roberts is a fantastic writer IMHO and I've pretty much loved everything I've read of hers. In fact, I just picked up the first book in her J.D. Robb series and can't wait to get into it!!

  6. I have never read a Nora Roberts book. Well, that isn't quite true. I've read a couple of J.D. Robb novels, which I didn't care for (I think I'm the only one on the planet who didn't fall in love with Eve and Duncan). I may have to give this trilogy a try though. It sounds good!

    (I really like the header too!)


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