Thursday, March 13, 2008

Spring and Other Musings

Oh my, I can see the sun!! There is hope that spring is actually on its way! After a REALLY long winter that seemed's about time. (To all of you who just got dumped on recently with snow I sympathize) I'm ready to take the kids out for walks and fun places like the park. Now on to the point of the post:

I'm student teaching in a 5th grade classroom. It has been a great experience so far! Anyways, the other day we're in the library and one of the girls tells me she's looking for a book to read but doesn't know what to get. She had just finished a 500 page book (huge for her) and wanted something smaller and lighter. I made a few suggestions to no avail and then noticed Beverley Cleary's books. So I asked if she had read Cleary before and she had NEVER heard of her before. I gave her Ramona Quimby, Age 8 and told her to give it a try. A week later and she is on her 3rd Ramona book and has the other girls in the class giving her a try. I can't help but laugh and say my work here is done. (Sidenote: I was horrified that NONE of the kids that I talked to had heard or read any of these books...aack!!) Hope everyone else has had a chance to read these books :)


  1. Hi Sam! I'm happy to see you have joined us for the NFF Challenge! Woo Hoo! More books to read. :)

  2. What could be better than more books?? LOL!

  3. More time to read them in! :)


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