Monday, April 4, 2016

April Reading Plans (2016 Edition)

My reading goal in April is to work on getting some of those unread books off of my e-reader.  You might wonder then why I already have a picture of print books at the top of this post, right?  Well, for one you should know by now that just because I have a reading goal that it doesn't mean I will always follow it.  Hence the reason I am also sharing the print books at the top of my reading pile that I am hoping to try and squeeze in among those e-reads.  In March I managed to read ten books and it would be absolutely fantastic if I could do that again.  As always I am being overly ambitious and including a ridiculous number of books in my reading pool.  Let's get started then, shall we?
  • The Good Traitor by Ryan Quinn - This is a review copy for a Partners in Crime Book tour.  It is a thriller but sounds like a different type than I usually read so I'm looking forward  to it.  My tour date is for later this month so look forward to my thoughts then.
  • The Stopped Heart by Julie Myerson - This is a review copy and a Goodread's win.  It is a chunkster but sounds very, very intriguing.  I'm eager to get to it and have very high hopes.
  • Asylum by Jeannette de Beauvoir- Review copy and Goodread's win as well.  I've actually been really lucky lately as three books on this pile are thanks to Goodread's giveaways.  This is book one in a new mystery series and I just cannot resist a good mystery.  I'm very excited to read this one!
  • Bitten by Kelly Armstrong - I won this book thanks to COYER and a Twitter chat.  I picked this one because I have been wanting to continue on with this series for a really long time.  I've read this one but it was years ago and I remember very little about it.  I can't wait to finally continue on with this series!
  • In Bitter Chill by Sarah Ward - I have been wanting to read this book for SO long! So I'm sure that you can imagine how thrilled I was when I found out that I had won a copy in a Goodread's giveaway.  This is a thriller and one that I just know that I'm going to enjoy so I won't be waiting long to read it.

  • The Murder That Never Was by Andrea Kane - This is actually my current read and really great so far!  I'm reading it for another PICT tour that is coming up in a few weeks.  I'm reading this series completely out of order but it hasn't hurt my enjoyment of it at all.
  • Notorious by Carey Baldwin - Review copy courtesy of Edelweiss for a PICT tour.  Yes, this is another trend but I can't help that they have all of these amazing sounding books coming up on tour.  Another mystery that sounds really interesting and that I'm looking forward to!
  • The Demonists by Thomas E. Sniegoski - NetGalley review copy and beginning to a new urban fantasy series.  I love the cover for this one and cannot wait to begin reading it.  I have very high hopes for this one!
  • Crime and Poetry by Amanda Flower - Beginning to a new cozy mystery series and also another NetGalley review copy.  I'm a sucker for a good cozy mystery so this is yet another book that I am really looking forward to.  
  • A Lovely Way to Burn by Louise Welsh - This is going to sound weird but even though I've never read this author I basically want to read all of her books and just know that I will love them.  This combines a mystery that takes place during a pandemic.  OH MY GOODNESS....I am sold just from that!  Also a NetGalley review copy.
  • The Obsession by Nora Roberts - NetGalley review copy.  Nora Robert"s standalone.  That is all I have to say.  I've been just waiting to read this one closer to its' release date and that date is approaching fast.  I can't wait!
  • Hold Your Breath by Katie Ruggle - 1st in a new romantic suspense series and NetGalley review copy.  I am a sucker for a good romantic suspense so I'm looking forward to reading this one.  
  • The Baker Street Phantom by Fabrice Bourland - Yet another review copy and how could I not want to read this one just based off that cover??  Gorgeous!  Plus it is a mystery and we all know how I love a mystery.
  • Death by Coffee by Alex Erickson -  This one has been sitting on my kindle for way too long so I will definitely be reading this one in April.  Another cozy mystery series that I am really looking forward to trying.  
  • A Talent for Trickery by Alissa Johnson - NetGalley review copy yet again and look at that awesome cover as well.  This is a romance but it sure doesn't sound like your typical romance and I'm intrigued.  Can't wait!
Whew!  I'm worn out after talking about all of these books that I want to read.  I'm not going to list all of the books from previous piles that remain unread but just know those are in my April reading possibilities pile as well.  I have lots of really great reading ahead of me so I will get to it.  Before I leave you all though, which books are you hoping to read in April?  Which one of these books would you read first if you had the choice?  Do share!


  1. Wow Sam now that is a goal but if you aim for the moon and end up with the stars still very rewarding right HA.

    I'm excited your reading Andrea Kane. Her Forensic Instinct team are amazing. I really love them. I highly recommend going back to read the others. This is on my list also.

  2. I've read Hold Your Breath. It was a great start to a new series. Looking forward to both the Nora Roberts and Andrea Kan books.

  3. Lots of good books you've there! I'm currently reading Asylum and enjoying it.

  4. I hope you enjoy Bitten! Elena's my favorite character from The Women of the Otherworld series. I'm excited about reading Crime and Poetry. Doesn't it sound good? All of your books, actually, look good. I hope you are able to read as many as possible--and enjoy each and every one of them. :-)

  5. This is a great looking pile of books. I had borrowed In A Bitter Chill from the library but didn't get to it before I had to return it. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on it! Enjoy your reads :)


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