Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Sunday Post #17 (Bookish Podcasts Edition)

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Good morning everyone!  It continues to be quieter than usual on the blogging front but I am hoping to change that this week.  Also, I sometimes feel like I'm a broken record here.  How many times can I tell you how busy I've been without starting to annoy myself?  Apparently I have hit the limit so time to start carving out some extra blogging time no matter what.  Good intentions and all!

In other news, how many of you listen to bookish podcasts?  I've been dipping my toes into them for awhile now but I've only found a couple so far.  My current favorite is the Dear Bitches, Smart Authors podcast which I have started listening to while I clean and do laundry.  This is a podcast that focuses on all of romance in all of its' genres and I am loving it!  I've found that I need to keep a pen and paper handy so that I can jot down titles and authors to check out.  I've started at the beginning (I think I'm only on episode 17 or something) and there hasn't been one yet where I didn't add something to my TBR list.  While I am absolutely loving finding all of these new to me authors, I must admit that I wish there was something out there just like this that focused on mysteries and thrillers.  So that is where you guys come in: has anyone found a great podcast that focuses on crime authors or the mystery/suspense genre?  I'm also open to any other suggestions you have for great bookish podcasts so share those as well if you like!

In bookish news, my reading has slowed down a bit as of late.  I only finished one book last week but it was a good one so that always makes it better.  I'm in the midst of some good reads though which makes me hopeful that this week will be better.  I've finished at least four books since my last reading update but as I'm feeling lazy this morning I think I will just share this past week's reading update.

Last week I finished the following:

I'm posting my thoughts on this one tomorrow as part of a blog tour.  You'll have to stop by then to hear my thoughts on it.  I am now currently reading the following:

I'm actually reading both of these on my kindle which is unusual as I try to have one print book and one kindle book going at all times.  I've just begun both of them so I will have to let you know more of my thoughts on them next week.  Both will also count towards the #COYER Summer challenge that I am participating in so that is good!

New Arrivals:

Plenty of good reading ahead of me if I do say so myself!!  Plans for today include a workout (or run), loads of laundry, and general household cleaning.  Quality time listening to another episode of the podcast!  I will also be around later to blog/comment/read.  If you have any bookish podcast suggestions for me, I would love if you leave them in the comments.  Have a great week everyone!

Happy Sunday and Happy Reading!


  1. I haven't listened to any podcast but I've heard good things about Books on the Nightstand. Most of the time if I have free time to listen, I'll choose audiobooks. Lisa (Books Lists Life) really enjoys podcasts...she can probably give you some great bookish suggestions!

    Hope you have a great week! It'll be another busy one for us as well. Definitely makes bedtime easier, though, when the littles are tuckered out. ;)

  2. Oh, you got that new Tess Gerritsen book. I'm looking forward to it. And I really don't know of any podcast featuring mysteries. Hope you get some good suggestions though. I'd probably listen if there was one of those. Have a good week!!

  3. I don't have any podcasts to recommend but I'm with you, if there was one for mysteries and thrillers I would love to know about that. Keep us posted if you find one! Really like the cover of the Darkhaven book you are reading. Happy Sunday!

  4. I've got the Jonathon Kellerman to read as well. Is the Gerritsen a Rizzoli & Isles book? It doesn't look like it for some reason. (And yes, of course I could just google it!)

  5. I love the look of a Batter of Life and Death, will have to check it out!

  6. I may have to listen to the podcasts. I have not done so yet.

  7. Love the cover of Darkhaven! It looks excellent! (based on just that)

  8. My husband really enjoys listening to podcasts, but I'm lucky to make time for the audiobook I am trying to get through when I make listening time for anything. LOL Maybe someday. I'm really curious about The Murderer's Daughter. I haven't read a Kellerman book in years. Have a great week, Samantha!


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