Sunday, May 31, 2015

#COYER Scavenger Hunt...I'm In!!

I've participated in previous #COYER events and have always had a good time.  Add that to the fact that I get a little extra reading in thanks to these challenge and of course I am going to sign up once again!  I've been reading at a pretty good pace considering how busy we have been lately.  I could always stand to get more ahead though especially as I have had a serious addiction to NetGalley lately.  Ugh, why do I do this to myself?  So many books that I want to read right now so what better way to get them read but by challenging myself with other readers!?!

They have lots of fun things planned including read-a-thons, scavenger hunts and Twitter chats to name a few.  Any book that you own qualifies but I would really like to focus mainly on review books and books on my kindle.  I have entirely too many unread NetGalley/Edelweiss books that definitely need my attention.  Goals for this challenge?  Read as much as I possibly can!!  Simple as that.  Here are just a few of the many books that I might choose to read for this challenge:

So many GREAT sounding books here!  I absolutely cannot wait to begin!  Still on a pretty good thriller/suspense kick which I think that my pool of books reflect but as summer begins I have also been craving some summer romance.  Any other review book on my kindle or in print will also be considered as a possibility for this challenge.  I am so excited I just cannot wait to begin!  Bring on the reading!!

Are you participating in this upcoming #COYER reading event?  What books are you hoping to get read?  Do share!


  1. This does sound fun, and look at the great books you are considering reading for the event!

  2. Those books sound great! Have fun and happy reading!

  3. Good luck with the challenge. I'm miserable at them so I officialy gave up a while ago. Lol. You have some good books lined up though so have fun!

  4. I loved, loved, loved The Ice Twins. You have a great list and I hope you enjoy that book as much as I did.


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