Saturday, March 7, 2015

February Reading Recap (2015)

 (This was taken a year or so ago at our last hotel waterpark trip. I haven't uploaded on the computer the new pictures from this past weekend.)

I'm behind in sharing my February reads thanks to a short weekend getaway last weekend.  We took the kids to an indoor waterpark hotel for the weekend which was very, very busy but also lots of fun.  The kids had a blast which was the point so we were all happy.  And then very happy to be home afterwards :)  I had a really great month of reading in February as I was able to finish seven books!  That's a really great amount of reading for me so I was pretty happy.  I'm actually caught up in regards to my Goodread's reading challenge which is the first time so far this year.  I doubt it will last but it was fun to actually see that I was "on track".  Here are the books that I finished in February:
The most amazing thing is that I have actually already posted my thoughts on four out of seven of those books!  That hardly every happens!  I really struggled with picking a favorite for the month as the majority of these books are what I would consider four star reads.  And they were all really great for various reasons.  That being said Slave to Sensation was my pick for the month of February.  This is why I read paranormal romance.  For books just like this!

 I'm skipping doing the challenge wrap up as I haven't a clue which challenges I read for this month and am feeling a bit too lazy to go look.  Suffice it to say that each book I read fit in for at least one reading challenge so I was happy with that.  I still have a few reading challenges that I haven't read any books for.  That is something I hope to fix in the month of March.  I didn't cook as much as I did last month so I am going to focus on that as a goal for March.  I am also continuing to work out but it is very hit or miss.  Another thing that I really need to focus on!  Gosh, it looks like I have lots to work on in March and we are already a week in. 

What was your favorite February read?  Any suggestions for keeping me motivated to work out the ENTIRE month?  I couldn't definitely use those kind of tips! 


  1. Glad February was a great month! Hope March is, too!

  2. I love the photo. :-) I think running in the sprinklers may be in order this weekend. It sounds like you had a fun weekend!

    I should list the books I read during the month in my wrap ups. I don't know why I don't. It rarely will match my review links since I am terrible about posting reviews on time. It looks like you had a great February, Samantha! I look forward to reading your thoughts on The Witches of Echo Park.

  3. I've been doing a massive readathon of the Nalini Singh series and an on book 5. I live this series so much but lost touch with it when it was still new due to releases. Now I have them all and can't wait to finish them!


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