Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Library Loot: Bookish Bliss

Library Loot is a weekly meme hosted by Marg and Claire that asks us to share the loot that we have found from the library recently.

Thank goodness that I've found another week long read-a-thon to participate in because my library stacks are towering.  Yep, I managed to fit in ANOTHER trip to the library last week even though I really didn't need to go.  I just wanted the chance to browse and load up on more books (which I'm exceptionally good at doing).  Going to the library and browsing the shelves is an easy way for me to de-stress which made it irresistible after the dreaded flu week.  I managed to load my arms up with books and came home in a much better mood!  Book therapy :)

I'm not going to mention the fact that I still have the majority of books from my last visit to read as well.  That may be the reason why my library stack is now towering and close to toppling over.  I just need to read some more!  Here is what I picked up last week from the library:

I'm still on a mystery kick but this time I went searching for some older mysteries to fit the Vintage Mystery Challenge.  My library system has an alarmingly low number of these books which makes me sad but we all know that won't stop me.  I'll be loading them on my kindle when available (and Mary Roberts Rinehart is), requesting the few I can from interlibrary loans, and buying some of them used.  I'm also in the mood for some good urban fantasy so I stocked up.  Simply Irresistible I picked up due to Staci's love of this series.  And that's about it...books galore!  What books have you picked up from the library lately??


  1. Looks like a good load of books again Sam. Lol. I'm listening to Simply Irresistible because of Staci of course and it's really good so far.

  2. You always find the best books, Irom Wyrn looks good. Happy reading :)

  3. Yay! You got a Shalvis..hope you enjoy it!!! I'm loving the books you picked up! I think going to the library is a great way to de-stress and less expensive than shopping and more fun any day!!

  4. The Iron Wyrm Affair looks good. Enjoy your loot!

  5. Looks like some great reading, right there! I'm jealous your library has the Elemental Assassin series. NONE of the libraries in my inter-library system have ANY of them. Strange. I've been buying them instead. Oh well. Gotta fuel the authors' pockets!

  6. I love the cover of Iron Wyrm Affair! What read-a-thon did you find?


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