Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Sunday Salon - Taking A Break

Somehow April is already here when I'm not even sure where March went. My oldest turned eight last month (I remember that quite clearly...where did the time go??) but other than that the month passed by in a bit of a blur. March was also a pretty lousy reading month for me as I only was able to finish three books this month. I also am in the middle of two other books but still...the books that I finished last month were:
  1. Senseless by Mary Burton
  2. The Liberation of Alice Love by Abby McDonald
  3. The Ice Princess by Camilla Lackberg
Not very impressive if I do say so myself. Which leads me into my taking a small break from the blog and the computer. For the last month now (off and on) my youngest has been dealing with RSV. For those of you who don't know this is a pretty serious virus that babies can get that affects their breathing. And while he is getting over the more scary aspects of it, I've got it in my head now that my house needs some spring cleaning. To get rid of the germs and all that. I know that I can't prevent him from getting sick again but it will make me feel better if my house has been scrubbed down :) Plus, I would like to wash all blankets and pillows, catch up on laundry, etc. All next week I will be taking a complete break from online and the computer. This means no internet email, no twitter, and no blogging. The only exception will be posting a review for Surrender the Dark by L.A. Banks as soon as I finish and that is only because it was supposed to be part of a blog tour and I'm late. I'm going to attempt to get a few posts scheduled for next week and catch up a bit on my commenting today. That may or may not happen...we'll see. And for the record I'm actually writing this on Saturday because tomorrow is the beginning of my week long cleaning fest.

I did decide that while I won't be on the internet, I will be reading. I'm pretty sure that I would go crazy otherwise and it would make for a very LONG week. Maybe I'll turn this into my own mini readathon where instead of computer time I read AND clean of course. I've got high hopes that I'll be able to get a lot accomplished. I'm currently in the middle of reading three very different books (this is unheard of for me). I'm in the midst of these three lovely books:

I'm hoping to make some serious progress on all three of these (maybe even finishing all three) and then who knows. I have some library books checked out that I really, really want to read. And a few review books that I'm looking forward to picking up as well. And hopefully I come back from this break feeling refreshed and renewed. My apologies for not visiting your blogs this week but I'll be back and around next week for sure. Have a great week!


  1. I think this is a great thing to do. I often purposefully don't get on the computer a few nights a week. At times I think we can get burned out by the internet. I hope you get all the chores done that you listed and your son gets better!!

  2. Sam...I hope your son makes a full recovery. I little spring cleaning always makes us feel better, and love to open those windows nice and wide as well. Keep in touch when you return.

  3. Sam--I'm so sorry to hear about your youngest and hope that everything is alright. Sometimes a break is good and I know that oftentimes it's the only thing I can do to be productive in "real life." Dont' worry about the rest!

    Hope the week is a good one for you.

  4. I hope your baby is all recovered!

    I also have Cinderella Ate My Daughter right now, but haven't started it. (Story of my life.)

  5. I hope the baby is feeling better. Hope you get all your cleaning done and some reading in between. I'm taking a blog break myself. There's just not enough hours in the day.

  6. Looking forward to see your Cinderella review soon. I guess that is such a beautiful story.


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