Monday, August 2, 2010

Grave Secret by Charlaine Harris

Books in series are SO hard to review sometimes. How about I start off with the warning that it is VERY likely that there will be spoilers for previous books within this review...I'll try not to let anything slip but no guarantees. Now that I got that off of my chest, let's begin!

Harper and Tolliver are back in the latest and final (I believe) book of this series doing what they always do...finding the dead. Harper gets asked to read the grave of a dead Texas rancher and once again gets caught up in the mystery surrounding the death of the deceased. Except this time family secrets are starting to swirl around for Harper and Tolliver especially since Tolliver's father is out of jail and trying to make contact with him. With Harper being back in Texas, her sister's mysterious disapprearance from years back begins to raise more questions and it looks like Harper is in over her head this time with bodies starting to pile up.

What can I say about these books besides that they are addicting? I've always loved the premise that Harper can find dead bodies and tell their cause of death due to being struck by lightning when she was a teenager. The mystery in this book tied up all of the loose threads from the previous three books which was satisfying for me. I flew through this one as I really wanted to see what had happened to Cameron from so long ago. And parts of it I had guessed but other parts I didn't see coming at all. So it was a good ending for me and a quick read. Still a bit of an ick factor with Harper and Tolliver's relationship but other than that I really liked this book. In fact, I'm wishing that this wasn't the end and that Charlaine Harris was planning on writing more of these books. Which means that it looks like I'll be checking out some of her other series sometime soon!

Bottom line: A great ending to an interesting series....but I would start from the beginning of this series if I were you :)

Disclosure: Another book from my local library...I'm boring like that.
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  1. I love this series. Actually I love all her series but this one was great! Many people have the same reaction with the relationship of Harper and her 'brother' but I had the opposite reaction. I think it was because they had come together as a step family when they were a bit more older. I really cannot pin down why I had no ick factor when they finally got together. I'm happy you enjoyed this one!

  2. I haven't read this series, but it does sound really good. I love the idea that being struck by lightning may have given Harper a special power. Excellent review.

  3. Strlady- I'm really eager to begin reading her other series after finishing this one. This is the last book, right??? And by the end the relationship between Harper and Tolliver didn't bother me because she quit referring to him as her brother so often. That was the part that bothered me so much :)

    Suko- I loved the idea that she had a "special power" after getting struck by lightning. The mystery aspects of the book was really solid as well!

  4. This one isn't part of the Sookie series, right? How many different series does she have? I'd really like to read something by Harris but have to admit that I'm a little overwhelmed. And yes, I do know how hard it is to review a book later in a series!!

  5. I liked Harper's ability but I agree with you that her relationship with Tolliver icked me out too. I'm glad you did like it! I thought Grave Secret ended the series very well. Wonder what Harris is going to do next?

  6. Trish- I think she has like 4 or 5 series going. Crazy how she writes so many books. And no this isn't part of the Sookie series...I read the 1st one to that series a long time ago but never continued on with it. Guess I should give it a try next :)

    Ladytink- She really did pull everything together. I remember reading your review back when this book first came out. I can't wait to see what this author writes next as well.

  7. great review, it does sound like a fun series. Harper sounds like an interesting character.

  8. Naida- This is definitely a good series but I recommend starting from the beginning.


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