Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Library Loot- The Mystery Edition

It has been a few weeks since I shared the books that I've been finding at the library. And of course I have a ton of books checked out but when has that ever stopped me from bringing a few more home?? A couple of weeks ago I read a post over on Nymeth's blog about mysteries and that coupled with another post (I'm drawing a blank on where I read it) and all of the comments and suggestions concerning mysteries put me on a mystery kick. So I started looking up some of the authors that other bloggers were suggesting and went from there :) Now I have a bunch of new library books as well as a few on hold that will hopefully come in soon.
Warning: My computer or Blogger (take your pick) isn't cooperating today which is why you are only getting some of the covers and not all. Sorry!

Whose Body by Dorthy L. Sayers- My cover doesn't actually look like this one but oh well. She is listed as a classic mystery author and this is the 1st book in her Lord Peter Wimsey series.

A Morbid Taste For Bones by Ellis Peters- 1st book in the medieval mystery looks SO good.

The Face of a Stranger by Anne Perry- A Victorian mystery featuring William Monk.

Booked To Die by John Dunning- A mystery featuring can anyone resist that? :P

Season of the Witch by Natasha Mostert- Not a mystery but one that fits the RIP bill...I couldn't let you think that I had got off of that kick yet either.

Magic Burns by Ilona Andrews- 2nd book in this series and one that I have been meaning to read for awhile now.

The Mysterious Affair at Styles by Agatha Christie- Of course I have a Christie novel checked out if I am on a mystery kick (and my cover doesn't look like this either...I told you I was struggling)

The Ghost Orchid by Carol Goodman- I have Eva's review to blame for this one.

Rogue by Rachel Vincent- Another book that I've been meaning to read as I loved the 1st on in this series.

Larceny and Lace by Annette Blair- Just because it looked cute :)

So this is the majority of what I have checked out these past few weeks. Sorry for the crazy post but I was seriously having issues. Share your thoughts and if you have any other amazing mystery author suggestions, please share! I love adding to the tbr list!!!


  1. Mysteries are especially perfect at this time of the year, as the days grow shorter and the nights seem darker. I really enjoyed the No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency series by Alexander McCall Smith--I may have mentioned this to you before.

  2. Some great mysteries there. I reread The Mysterious Affair at Styles not so long ago and loved it. Enjoy!

  3. Suko- I don't think you've mentioned that series to me before but not that you say it...I do have that book sitting here on my shelves waiting to be read. I need to get to it :)

    Fleurfisher- I am really looking forward to reading another Christie book and this will be fun to see the beginning of Poirot.

  4. I'm ashamed to say it but I've only heard of Agatha Christie and Ilona Andrews from this list I believe. Hope you enjoy your loot!

  5. I used to read mysteries/thrillers when I was in grade school (RL Stine!) but don't generally read them anymore. I've been meaning to pick up some Agatha Christie, though.

  6. Ladytink- You haven't read anything by Rachel Vincent??? You have to read is so good!

    Trish- You should definitely give Agatha Christie a try. She has written some amazing books.

  7. I have My Soul to Take but I haven't started it yet.

  8. Ladytink- I haven't had a chance to read that one but I loved Stray which is the 1st book in her werecat series. You really should give it a try.


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