Friday, June 12, 2009

Library Loot and a Reading Slump

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I took EVERYTHING that I had checked out from the library back. And I mean everything. I just decided that I needed a fresh slate and some new books to go with it. While we were there I signed my son up for the summer reading program for the 1st time :) He just finished kindergarten and I want to make sure that he continues to read throughout the summer in the midst of all of the summer fun. He's excited about it and we came home with a bunch of superhero books to check out. Later on I went to the library by myself (such an unexpected pleasure) and picked up some new books since I didn't have any. I went for comfort reads and thrillers but I'll explain about that later :)

Absolute Fear by Lisa Jackson- New to me author but I've heard good things. JKaye even had a challenge to read as many of this author's books as possible which means she must be good.

The Dead Girl's Dance by Rachel Caine- 2nd in her YA series and one that I cannot wait to read as I really enjoyed the first book.

Four To Score by Janet Evanovich- I was in the mood for some fun reading and this will hopefully fit the bill. The first three books sure did :)

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by J.K. Rowling- I'm ready to reread this the new movie is coming out sometime next month I think so this will be enjoyable to delve back into.

What's A Ghoul to Do? by Victoria Laurie- I've read this author's other series and enjoyed the first two books so I decided to try this series as well.

No One You Know by Michelle Richmond- I know, I know...I just had her other book checked out and I returned it unread. But this sounds so good and when I saw it sitting there on the shelf I had to bring it home with me.

Death on Demand by Carolyn G. Hart- The beginning to a new cozy series that sounds like fun. Plus, I'm trying to finish up the themed reading challenge and my theme is cozies so I'm gonna give this one a try.

Blood Dreams by Kay Hooper- It has been such a long time since I read a book by this author...I can't wait to visit these characters again.

You all know that I've been in a bit of a blogging slump but with everything going on it was a bit to be expected. What I didn't expect was to be struggling with reading as well...but I have been. Happy to say that I've snapped out of it with a few great reads including the second installment in the Fable series titled Animal Farm. I LOVE this series and am dying to pick the next volume up as soon as it comes in at the library. It is such fun! I realized I needed comfort reads which is why I picked up and finished An Ice Cold Grave by Charlaine Harris. And after that I read and enjoyed Visions In Death by J.D. Robb which is my all-time favorite series! Just like that I was hooked back into reading with a few of my favorite authors. I'm hoping that these library books keep me hooked into reading and keep the stress at bay :)


  1. Some times you need a fresh start. Great group of books there.

  2. Looks like you've got some great books to help you get back into your old routine of reading. :-) Enjoy!

  3. These books are surely the cure for your slump!

  4. I enjoyed the Jackson that I read: fun thrillers!The Dead Girl's Dance sounds really neat. Oh-I've read No One You Know; I found it a good, quick read. :)

  5. some good books!! i actually won michelle richmond's book AND it's on my summer reading challenge. yay!

  6. Linda- I DID need a fresh start. I've already finished 3 out of the 8 which is unusual for me.

    Literary Feline- I'm definitely back in the reading mode...I'm so glad :)

    Suko- They are!

    Eva- I read your review and it is one of the reasons why I picked No One You Know up :)

    Booklineandsinker- I can't wait to hear your thoughts when you read it. Winning a book is always a good thing!

  7. I've felt like doing that a time or two also..taking everything back and starting over again. I'm glad that you went with what you really enjoy and got your reading mojo back!!

  8. Staci- It really makes it easier now that all of my books are due on the same date!

  9. Sometimes all it takes is a really great book to get out of a slump! I haven't really been blogging much the past month and I miss it a lot, but life's been hectic. I'm guessing you're going through the same thing. I've never reading anything by Robb. I'm listening to Patterson's Women's Murder Club books right now and enjoying them--maybe I'll see if I can find Robb on audio.

  10. Oh I'm looking forward to your thoughts on the Death on Demand book. I don't read as many cozies as I used to but I always see her books on the shelves and have been thinking of picking one up.

    Hope you'll enjoy the Evanovich book too. I loved that series up until book 10 or so.. got a bit repetitive for my tastes but the earlier books I thought were just a lot of fun.

  11. great new library books and veyr cool about the reading program.
    hopefully you'll get over yoru reading slump.
    I re-read the HP books myself, they are so much fun.

  12. Reading slumps are terrible. I've had a couple this year already. But what I finally discovered was just to go back to my roots (such as YA or fantasy) and all was good. Trying to read too many ARC's just didn't work for me.

    Some great books there. Loved Dead Girls' Dance. I have the next 3 books in the series. Trying to find time to read them.

  13. Glad to hear that a fresh start got you out of your book slump. :) I love PR and UF, but I have to mix in a romantic suspense or mystery now and then! You've got some great reads on that list of goodies, hope you enjoy them.

  14. Trish- Hectic is the perfect way to put it. I've only read the first book in the Women's murder club series but I am planning on reading the next one eventually.

    Iliana- Four To Score was hilarious...this series cracks me up.

    Naida- I finished the first Harry Potter again and loved it just as much as the first time. I may read this series over and over again :)

    Stephanie- They are terrible. I'm out of it now and reading like crazy which is a good thing until you look at my laundry pile. LOL!

    Kimberly- I love both of those genres too but needed some thrillers just to get me back into reading. I just finished Summer Knight by Jim Butcher though and am now craving some urban fantasy.

  15. I've been considering taking the books I have out from the library back and starting over. I'm glad you were brave enough to.

    I hope your reading slump has gone away since then.Old favorites and picture books work wonders for me.

  16. Vasilly- I'm happy to say that my reading slump is gone and I'm back to my old self again. I just need to work on my reviews :)

  17. I just love Evanovich so have fun with that one :)
    And the ghoul book looks interesting

  18. Blodeudd- Both of those books ended up being a lot of fun to read!


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