Sunday, December 28, 2008

Challenges 2009

So be prepared for the longest post about challenges ever! I've been completely lazy and haven't posted about any of the challenges I've been wanting to join...until now. I totally understand if all of those non-challenge addicted people skip over this post :) And without further ado here we go:

I've joined a bunch of new challenges and the first one I joined was the Jackie's New Author challenge. This one will *hopefully* be easy for me and all I have to do is read 25 new to me authors. Next up, I joined Naida's Romance Reading Challenge. I failed this one miserably last year but I also made a list last year. I'm not doing that this time as I like my reading to be more open and not too regimented. I've been reading a lot of paranormal romances so I should be able to finish this one just fine :) And I only have to read 5 books for this challenge.

I joined JKaye's Young Adult, Seconds, First in a Series, and Support Your Library Challenges. AACK! The Support Your Library Challenge will by a synch as I always go to the library and I signed up for only 25 books. The rest of those challenges each require me to read 12 books and I will be listing them as I read them.

Awhile ago I joined both the Series 3 Challenge and the Book Awards Challenge and neither of which have I been working on. Yikes! So here is my post for these as well and I will begin on these starting now :) Once again I'm not posting lists but for the Series 3 challenge I'm thinking on trying to catch up with the Twilight series or the Sookie series by Charlaine Harris. I'll let you know when I decide.

I'm also joining the Themed Reading Challenge which requires me to read only 4 books with a connecting theme...I'm taking the simplest route. I've decided on cozy mysteries for my theme but haven't made a list in keeping with my free spirit mode. Now there are going to be a couple of challenges I join that I actually make lists for and I will be posting those separately later this week. I'm joining the TBR 2009 and the Winter Reading Challenge which I will make my lists up for. Maybe even later today if I'm feeling motivated. I've decided not to officially join the A-Z Challenge as I really don't care if I finish this one but will be doing it in my sidebar unofficially. Just for fun to see how far I can get next year. I really want to join a historical fiction challenge but haven't seen any that aren't open to any time period. Does anyone know if the Back to History challenge is being hosted again in 2009? JKaye, this would be a great challenge ;) (I'm just saying that since you are the challenge queen). I'm considering the Year of Reading Dangerously but that might be overdoing it. Hah! Like I haven't overdone it already :)
Alright, I'm done for now. I'm sure I'll join a few more as the year progresses...I should join one to read more of the classics since I really need to work on that. Thanks to all of the challenge hosts and I'm excited for 2009. Shoot, I just remembered that I joined the 100+ Challenge by JKaye as well. I've read 70+ this year so we'll see if I can improve on that number next year.


  1. Ladytink- I think I'm a nut but that's okay with me :)

  2. I am planning a post just like this, Sam! I'll probably post it tomorrow or Tuesday. Whenever I get around to actually writing it. I'm still deciding which challenges I want to join. :-)

    I especially like the "list as you read them" idea that many of the challenges are adopting this year.

    Good luck with your challenges!

  3. Literary Feline- I just today decided on the challenges that I wanted to join. And I'm sure I missed a few :) I'll be on the lookout for your challenge post.

  4. Wow, such torture! *grin* I'm sure you can do it...Happy Reading!!

  5. Kimberly- Thanks! I'm pretty sure that I won't finish a few of these but who cares? LOL!

  6. Yikes--all these posts about 2009 challenges are reminding me of how much I've been avoiding them! The New Authors one sounds like a good one and I might do the themed reading as well. Hmmm...guess this weekend I'll be making some lists!

    Have fun with the challenges--and Happy New Year, Samantha!

  7. Trish- Glad to see that you are going to join in on the craziness :) Hope you have a happy new year as well!

  8. Hi Smantha - You have a grat blog. Nice greetings.


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