Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Sunday Salon - Winter Wonderland

I love the first snow. It makes me want to curl up on the couch with a blanket, cup of hot chocolate, and a good book. Yesterday, J (my fiancee) and I decorated the house for Christmas and set up the tree. Later that night we left the kids with my parents and went shopping for the kids. I always have fun going shopping for the kids but the closer to Christmas it gets is crazy in the stores so I like going earlier better. And then I woke up this morning and everything was covered in snow and it just feels like winter :) My son has already been outside playing and throwing snowballs at the dog. Both of them were eating a little bit of the snow which makes me cringe but I remember doing it as a kid as well. What's the weather like wherever you are? Feels like Christmastime to me...
I'm currently knee-deep into Be Buried In The Rain by Barbara Michaels. I've never read anything by this author but I'm hooked already. She reminds me of Daphne du Maurier as she creates a creepy atmosphere and I find myself sucked deep into it. I'm loving this book so far and am hoping to read a good chunk of it today.
I'm behind in reviews but come back tomorrow to check out my review of Murder on the Down Low. It was sent to me for review and I will posting it tomorrow. I also need to get reviews done for Grave Sight by Charlaine Harris and Forever Lily by Beth Nonte Russell. This week sometime hopefully. I'll be by today to check out all of your blogs but everybody have a great week!


  1. My goodness Sam, you've been busy. I hope to get the tree up today. I'm so behind. Seems like your snow fell at the perfect time while you were decorating and buying Christmas gifts. It still hasn't snowed which is so unusual for Alberta weather but they're talking of snow for this week so we'll see. I'm a summer girl at heart so I'm still hoping for no snow. lol. Have a great Sunday!

  2. Burrr! *grin* We had a breezy day with tornado warnings, and it must have been in the 70's. You're way ahead of me on decorating, but I did finish up the Christmas shopping yesterday as well. :) I'll be watching for your Charlaine Harris review!

  3. It's been snowing here a bit too, but not sticking yet.
    I want to read the Charlaine Harris one day.
    Gosh, I havent done any Christmas shopping and or decorating! But I have been worrying about it
    enjoy your week :)

  4. Dar- We did get a lot accomplished which felt good. There is plenty more though so I'm not really ahead (you should see my laundry piles :0) )

    Kimberly- 70's huh? Must be nice except I don't know about tornado warnings. Yuck! Have a great week!

    Naida- Give Harris a try...she's a pretty good author. Don't worry it will all get done :)

  5. I hope you keep warm! The weather here isn't sure what to do. It will get cold (40s is cold to me) and then back up into the 70s. It's raining right now, so I suspect another "cold" front, but Texas weather is so fickle!! :)

    Have a great day, Sam!

  6. Trish- It is snowing here again but that is to be expected now :) I don't mind the snow but hate driving in it as it makes the roads unpredictable.

  7. I miss having snow around this time of year! It's just not the same to have the house decorated for Christmas and still being able to wear short-sleeves outside.

  8. Lesley- I can definitely understand that. Although after the weather we had yesterday I could go for short sleeves and not be too sad :)


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