Sunday, February 24, 2008

True Believer by Nicholas Sparks

True Believer is about Jeremy Marsh, a journalist, who is on the brink of making it big. He writes stories that "debunk" the supernatural which is his reason to traveling to Boone Creek, North Carolina. In this quiet, small town there are mysterious lights that show up at an old cemetery only on foggy nights. There is talk that these lights are caused by ghosts but Jeremy is there to find the scientific explanation. Along the way he meets Lexie, the town librarian, and falls for her. But how can anything work out between the two of them when Jeremy is a big city guy that lives in New York and Lexie is just a small town girl with no intentions of moving away?
I read this as an alternate for the TBR challenge. I like Nicholas Sparks (he wrote The Notebook which is one of my ALL-TIME favorites!) but this one was just okay for me. I guess I was expecting more out of this book than what I got. Not that this was a bad book mind you just it was what am I trying to say here? Suffice it to say that I know he has written better. Oh well. They can't all be as AMAZING as The Notebook. :)
Challenges: TBR Challenge (alternate), A-Z Challenge ("T" title)
My Rating: 3 out of 5


  1. i just joined the tbr challenge, and i thought i'd check out your blog.

    my friend and i just started a book lovers message board, so i thought i'd invite you!!


  2. Thanks for the invite! I'll check it out.


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