Sunday, June 12, 2016

#COYER Summer Vacation - Let the Fun Begin!

YES!  One of my favorite challenges to participate in is back and I am just thrilled.  Both my blogging and reading has really slowed down thanks to ball and other summer fun activities.  I need this challenge in my life to get my reading (and blogging mojo) kicked into high gear.  Because what is summer if you aren't reading a good book, right??  The best thing about participating this time around is that all of the rules are basically thrown out the window.  I can read print or e-books this time around and they all count for the challenge.  As I'm basically drowning in books right now, this pleases me to no end.  I'm going to focus entirely on this challenge for the rest of the summer and hopefully just read, read, read!

It isn't a COYER post if I don't share with all of you some of the many books that I would like to read for this challenge.  Goals wise I am shooting for reading a minimum of 10 books.  I honestly can't tell if this seems like too small of a goal or not.  My reading time has really gone down lately so it seems reasonable right now.  I have very high hopes that I will be able to blow this number out of the water but let's start with a goal that isn't overwhelming.  I'm including only e-books in my COYER pool just because I have so many that I need/would like to get read and off of my kindle.  Here are the books that I would like to read for this challenge:

I swear I could add fifty more books to this list of possibilities and it wouldn't feel like enough.  SO MANY BOOKS!  I want to read them all!  This challenge will at least allow for me to read some of them and that is really all that matters.  I have plans to try and visit all of the other participants so that I can cheer you all on.  There are always Twitter parties to participate in which are super fun.  I am just super excited and cannot wait to get started.

Happy Reading!!

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  1. These all sound good, Samantha! I haven't joined COYER's Summer challenge. I am hesitating if only for the reason I don't want to commit right now to another challenge. Especially with us going through so much transition this summer. A goal of 10 books sounds very reasonable. :-)


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