Sunday, April 3, 2016

February and March (Months in Review 2016)

Whew!  Here we are already in the beginning days of April and I haven't even written up my monthly recap for February.  Looks like I am going to do a two for one deal with this post and catch you up with both months.  February was a decent month of reading, it wasn't my best month but it also wasn't my worst either.  March on the other hand was an AMAZING month in books!!  Wow, wow, wow!  I managed to read a large number of books and some of them were truly outstanding.  I don't think there was a bad one of the bunch and I'm six books ahead on my Goodread's goal for the year.  I have no complaints at all.  Life is about to get really busy around here though so fair warning if my blogging presence is a bit spotty here and there. We have soccer for the two "littles" who really aren't so little anymore and then baseball/softball for all three.  Add in spring training for football with my oldest and everything else that goes into our daily life and it is exhausting just to think about.  But a lot of fun as well so I won't complain one bit.

I'm getting off track though.  Here are the books that I finished in February:
Really when I think back that is a pretty decent month of reading.  I didn't have a bad one in the bunch but my favorite of the month is also really easy for me to pick out.  That is Find Me by Lisa Gardner which I found to be a very thrilling read (and one that I won't forget about any time soon)!

March was an even better month of reading if you can believe that.  I managed to finish ten books (WOW) and loved them all.  Here is what I finished in March:

Oh my goodness! I had some seriously amazing reading this past month.  I have a three way tie for my favorite book of the month (I told you that it was a great month).  I am declaring March to be the month of suspense as all three of my favorites were mysteries and thrilling reads.  They were Rage Against the Dying, Pop Goes the Weasel, and It Takes One.  Honestly there is a very good chance that all of these books may make my top reads list for the year.  Crazy but that is how much I loved them all!

I've gotten a lot of great reading finished but now I really need to focus on catching up on some of these reviews.  I'm working on coming up with a pile of books to read in April as well.  I'm thinking on focusing mostly on books on my ereader.  With all of the practices that I will be going to this month I am sure that I will find plenty of reading time in the evenings.  Now that the weather is changing and spring is here I am also planning on getting outside and exercising more.  That is my goal at least!

Tell me, what was your favorite read from last month? 


  1. Looks like you are having a great reading year so far!

  2. Happy April Sam! You've had some great reading months. Find Her is on my list to read. Sounds like a great thriller. I hope you have a great month ahead.

  3. Happy Sunday! Find Her sounds especially enticing. Have a great week!

  4. Wow, you've read a lot of books! Find Her sounds like a good read! Hope you've a great week!

  5. Congrats on having an exceptional March and being ahead of your goal. I see quite a few books I want to read.

  6. It's the best when you have a great reading month! I had a medium one in terms of amount of reading time I got in, but I did read several books that I super liked, so I think I still came out on top in March. Hoping for great reads + lots of reading time in April -- the best of both worlds!

  7. Your March made up for my horrible reading one. Not that I didn't enjoy the books I read--it's just that I read so few. So many of your books are ones I would like to read. Here's to a great April in books!


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