Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Sunday Post (Playing Catch Up Edition)

"The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted here @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news~ A post to recap the past week on your blog, showcase books and things we have received. Share news about what is coming up on our blog for the week ahead. See rules here: Sunday Post Meme"

Has it really been almost two weeks since my last post?  Yikes!  What have I been doing during my time away?  Things like this:  planting my garden, spending a weekend on the river, soccer, softball, and baseball games just to name a few.  And practices.  So many practices!  It has been nonstop almost every single day which has certainly kept me on my toes.  Things I haven't been doing:  blogging, commenting...and more blogging.  It is what it is I suppose although I managed to miss a book tour review date this past week.  That's never good but it happens and I am hoping to reschedule.  Today is going to be a good day though as I have absolutely nothing planned.  Woohoo for the little things that make me happy!

Reading is going slowly but steadily at times.  I'm still three books ahead of my Goodread's goal which I find absolutely amazing.  I'm in one of those phases where ALL of the books sound really good and I wish I was reading them all.  This means that I haven't quite settled on a new read for my kindle as I can't seem to make up my mind.  I've got lots of reviews to write and I'm hoping to work on a few of them today.  After I work out in my garden for a little while of course.  I have radishes growing already!!  I promise to try and share pictures soon because I am super proud of my little garden.

On to the books!  Here are the books that I have finished in the last couple of weeks (I think at least...I haven't been keeping very good track):

Demon's Vengeance by Jocelynn Drake - I've already shared my thoughts on this one here but suffice it to say that it was an excellent read.  I'm holding out hope that we possibly get another book but this is supposed to be a series ender. 

Disclaimer by Renee Knight - This was a really great thriller that I read as part of a blog tour for later this month.  I loved the premise for this one with the main character reading a book and realizing that is based on her own life.  Both dark and chilling and I will share more of my thoughts on it in a few weeks.

The Day Before by Liana Brooks - This was a fantastic read and one that I am so excited to share my thoughts on.  This is a futuristic mystery and a really compelling read that I couldn't put down.  I am super pumped though because I just found it that this is going to be a series and I definitely want to read more!  My review will posted as soon as I reschedule it as this was also supposed to be part of a  book blog tour.

Crossing Danger by Colleen Helme - I also read this one for a blog tour for later this week (and now I am all caught up for reading for tours in May) and it is part of an established mystery series.  This one was very unique as the main character can hear what everyone is thinking.  I feel like I missed out a bit not having read the previous books in the series but it was a pretty solid read.  I think I will try and go back to the beginning soon.

I'm now currently reading the following:

This book is the first in a mystery series and already has me hooked.  I'm really enjoying it so far and am hoping to get a bit further into it later today.

New Additions:

Oh boy!  I'm not even attempting to share the physical copies that have come into my house recently.  I really need to quit acquiring books and work on reading what I already have.  One of these four are most likely going to be my next Kindle read but I can't decide which one.  Which one would you choose if you had to decide??  Help a girl out here!

Plans for the day include laundry, gardening, cleaning, and review writing.  I have lots of plans as you can probably see.  I would also love to fit a run in and work on baking some muffins to munch on for the rest of the week.  Reading would be really great as well.  I'm off to get some of this started but I will be back to visit/comment later this afternoon.  Have a great Sunday and Happy Reading!!!


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  2. I'm actually trying to be more pointed about taking blogging breaks for the remainder of the year. It's been a bit overwhelming to maintain things when I'm running around to so many other things. :)

    Terri M., the Director
    Second Run Reviews

  3. The Day Before looks really good. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Those all sound interesting. Especially The Day Before- a clone is found? That sound like a good mystery and I like the futuristic slant. Crossing Danger too- the ability to hear what people are thinking is a neat idea. I'll have to watch for your reviews of both of those.

  5. Oooh, I already have Disclaimer on my list. Will be glad to hear what you think. As to your others, well, I'd read As Night Falls if it were me. Good to know that you are reading up a storm even with the busy life stuff. Have a good week!!

  6. Haven't heard of most of your books, but they all look good! Hope you enjoy them.
    Check out my Sunday Post

  7. I enjoyed As Night Falls...I got it from NetGalley....and I am curious about Daughter of Ashes.

    Have a great week, and here are MY WEEKLY UPDATES

  8. I think I'd choose As Night Falls. I hope you find plenty of time to read this week! :)

  9. I'm looking forward to your pics of your garden, Samantha! And you read a lot of books! Hmm... I think I'd go with As Night Falls. Hope you've a wonderful week! :)

  10. I've been away from my blog for going on five weeks now. *gulp* It doesn't feel like that long. I had wanted to take a week or two off in May, but one thing led to another . . .

    I always love to see what you are reading. I'm drawn to the books you read. :-) I have been reading some, although my last two weren't as good as I would have liked. I had planned to start on Sarah McCoy's The Mapmaker's Children this weekend, but decided I needed something lighter instead. The book I chose turned out to be quite dark and depressing. Now I really do need something light--and funny.

    I hope you have a great week!


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