Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Reads....Bout of Books Update

Happy Friday!!  I'm looking forward to a quiet weekend!  I don't know if it will necessarily happen that way but that is what I'm hoping for :)  I might even get some reading accomplished after I finish up my piles of laundry and knock this house back into shape! 

I'm going to be rereading Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews as my Friday reads this week.  I read this one probably during my first year of blogging and then never continued on with the series (I'm horrible with doing this).  Seeing all of the glowing reviews lately for this series made me itch to get back to it so I grabbed my copy off of my shelves.  It's been entirely too long and I'm not remembering any of it which means I'm completely hooked!  Once I finish I'll be able to finally continue on and read that second book.  LOL!

I'm making great progress with my reading goals for the read-a-thon this week considering I've finished both The Arrangement and Vanish With the Rose.  Any book that I finish now is just icing on the cake!  So that's my plans for this weekend: a little cleaning, lots of laundry, maybe a few Friends episodes, and definitely some reading.  I even went to the library today after work for a few scary reads (told you I had R.I.P. fever).  I've been looking forward to today all week long!

Happy Friday Everyone!  What are you reading this weekend?


  1. Sam, enjoy your reading! I've been reading Room.

  2. I love this series. I need to get caught up with it.


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