Thursday, March 18, 2010

Library Loot

Library Loot asks us to share what we found at the library each week. This week Eva has the linky so go visit her and share what you found at your library.

I'm not sure what I was thinking...I already had plenty of books checked out from the library. But I got the itch and couldn't help but scratch it by putting more books on hold. And of course the holds all came in together which is always exciting at the time except now I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to read all of them. They look so pretty though that I can't help but want to read each and every one of them RIGHT now! I have issues...especially since I saw that Carl is once again hosting the Once Upon a Time challenge. That is going to require me to request even more. LOL! Okay, maybe require is a strong word but really how can I resist? I'll need to put some more fantasy on hold just to make me happy. Anyways, here is what I picked up from the library recently:

1. Jamaica Inn by Daphne DuMaurier
2. Because Your Vampire Said So by Michelle Bardsley
3. Tempest Rising by Nicole Peeler
4. Lament by Maggie Stiefvater
5. Break Neck by Erica Spindler
6. Bel Canto by Ann Patchett
7. Angelology by Danielle Trussoni

I'm so excited about all of isn't even funny! I'm currently reading Waiting for Columbus by Thomas Trofimuk which is an interesting read. I had to take Wolf Hall back to the library as I couldn't renew it (someone else wanted to read it apparently ;0) so I'll have to request it again at some point. I wasn't very far into it though so it didn't bother me that much. That's about it. Let me know if you've read any of these and your thoughts if you have!
P.S.- I've had a busy couple of weeks but I'm hoping to get a few reviews posted soon. Plus, I need to create another challenge post as there are a few more challenges out there that I feel compelled to join. I'm crazy...I admit it :)


  1. Bel Canto and Jamaica Inn are both good books. The others I haven't read. Enjoy!

  2. Wow! I'd really like to read Bel Canto. Enjoy your new loot. :)

  3. That is a very varied selection of books! I am looking forward to reading Angelology - I think it could become one of the best selling books of the year.

  4. Crazy maybe, but it's a good crazy. And I can recommed Jamaica Inn and Bel Canto. Enjoy your books!

  5. They all look great and I totally understand about them all coming in at the same time.Happens to me all of the time!! Hope you get them all read!

  6. Great loot! I want to read Tempest Rising by Nicole Peeler! Such a fun cover. :)

    I've read Lament by Maggie Stiefvater and really enjoyed it. I hope you do, too!

  7. Christy- They both look so good and I can't figure out which one to pick up first. LOL!

    Suko- I'm really looking forward to reading it especially after reading a few positive reviews.

    Jackie- I tend to pick up a wide variety of books from the library as I never know what I'll be in the mood for next.

    Diane- I'm glad to hear it!!

    Fleurfisher- These have both gotten the thumbs to figure out which one I want to read 1st.

    Staci- I hope I get to read them all too! Probably not likely but I can hope.

    Christine- I love the cover for Tempest Rising!!! Glad to hear that you enjoyed Lament :)


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