Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Randomness and Then Some :)

Hey everyone! It has been awhile since I last posted so I thought I would catch everyone up on what has been going on. I took a much needed blogging break as I've just felt a bit burned out lately. I've got a lot going on lately and blogging just got pushed to the wayside. And I'm going to admit to being a bit glad as I needed a break. I am SO far behind on reviews that it is not even funny but I couldn't even get myself to sit down and type anything up. Can we say slacking? I am happy to say that I'm back now and ready to knock out a few of these reviews. But be patient as it is going to take a bit...I'm seriously like over 15 reviews behind! Aack!

In other news, I changed my TBR list up a bit. I usually keep a notebook by the computer where I write down titles and authors. But I wasn't using it when I went to the library and I was never knocking books off of it that I had already read. Plus, books were getting written down multiple times. So I started an Excel spreadsheet and I think that is going to be what I use from now on. It will keep me more organized and if I take the time I can add the books from my notebook on to the spreadsheet eventually. It'll be a project that I work on when I find the time :)

Also, Kara from World According to Books is the winner of Wild Highland Magic. Kara, congrats and I will be sending you an email soon asking for your shipping info.

Finally, I'm currently reading Behold, Here's Poison by Georgette Heyer and enjoying it. I really liked the first book I read by this author and am thinking that I am going to like this one just as much. Library-wise I have been taking my enormous stack back to the library slowly but surely...I just had too many checked out at once. I saved a few that I am dying to read and then at some point this week I will go back and get a few more books. I just hate when all I am doing is returning the books back unread-especially when I really want to read them. Anyways, just wanted to catch up with all of you...talk to ya soon!


  1. What a great picture! You know Sam sometimes a break is just what a person needs. Some days I just can't get into it at all. Glad to see you back though.

  2. Welcome back!! What a cute picture - Ahhh to be able to relax like that and have someone else push the swing for awhile - LOL.

    And thank you so much for the win!!! I can't wait to read this book - I have really loved this series.

  3. Geesh, just the picture alone explains why you need a break!! Have fun with the reading and don't stress about all those reviews that you feel the need to post...it's o.k.!!!

  4. I completely understand feeling burned out and needing a break. But it's great to have you back, Sam!

  5. I've been feeling a bit burnt out lately too, so I know the feeling. I wish I could say I was behind in reviews, but it would be more accurate for me to say I'm behind in my reading. ;-)

    I keep my wishlist on Excel too, although I'm so bad about updating it regularly. I have e-mails and hand written notes all over the place with books I want to add to it. LOL

  6. What a cutie!!

    Blogging breaks are good. This is supposed to be for fun. No need making a chore out of it. Kind of defeats the purpose!!

    I need to read some Georgette Heyer. I'll be back to see if you liked it!!

  7. Cute photo!!
    I'm a fan of Georgette Heyer, i'm reading The Convenient Marriage now.

    Its good to take a blogging break, sometimes it can get hectic.


  8. Hi, Sam. I am new to your blog but really enjoy reading it. May I add you to my blogroll?

  9. What a little sweetie! It is good seeing you even if now you're gone again. :) I've been absent as well lately, but sometimes we all just need a break. Hope to see you again soon!

  10. Dar- Thanks...she is such an angel when she is sleeping!

    Kara- Congrats! I've been really bad and still haven't emailed you but I promise to ASAP :)

    Staci- I'm not stressing but I am falling further behind. Yikes!

    Nymeth- I think everyone should take a break once in awhile...it is nice to just step back and relax.

    Literary Feline- My reading was lagging too but it is starting back up again. I do need to knock some review books out though.

    Stephanie- I'm kinda struggling to get into it right now so I've put it aside. I'll go back to it once my reading picks up again.

    Naida- It can be hectic!

    Suko- Of course you can! And thank you for the kind words :)

    Trish- We do need a break once in awhile...I think summer just takes away from my reading sometimes.


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